Livestream your Simcha from Jerusalem

Your simcha in Jerusalem can hold great importance for both you and those loved ones who can’t be present.

We broadcast your event directly from Jerusalem to your dear ones all around the world, allowing them to tune in live. Furthermore, we create a promptly available video memento to bring joy to everyone. Our Israel event livestreaming service guarantees exceptional video quality, no matter where the event takes place. Immerse yourself in the excitement of joining Jerusalem’s celebrations in real time, while also having the opportunity to share and treasure these memories forever.

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Our Jerusalem Simcha Livestreaming Services

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Jerusalem Family Simachot

“Could you Zoom in for my simcha?”

In fact, we’ve prepared something even more remarkable. We utilize the capabilities of premium video platforms to bring you a seamless broadcast, regardless of your location within Jerusalem, uniting your global network of friends and family. Now, they can participate in your joyous occasion, whether in real-time or by watching the recording later.

Rest assured, we’re providing them with a front-row seat experience, complete with outstanding audio and camera work. Way better than Zoom! This captivating Jerusalem presentation is accessible on any device and through your chosen platforms, be it Facebook Live, YouTube, or Vimeo.

Our dedication starts early as we handle the setup and provide technical support to ensure your audience doesn’t miss a single moment of your special event, live from Jerusalem!

Corporate Events in Jerusalem

Live stream your conference or product launch directly from Jerusalem, Israel to a global audience with the expertise of our livestream service. Working hand in hand with your technical team, we’ll supply all necessary equipment to guarantee a seamless transmission.

Through our secure high-speed internet connection and meticulous methodology, every crucial instant of your important occasion will be impeccably captured. Whether you opt for public or private links, we possess the capability to establish live viewing on the platform that aligns perfectly with your preferences.

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Instant Video Footage

Bid farewell to the waiting game for your video! Our simcha livestream video service provides immediate playback on the platform of your choice. In a matter of moments, you can revisit your simcha and even obtain the raw footage for swift editing and sharing (accessible for at least 12 months). Our recordings uphold the utmost resolution and broadcasting excellence. Curious to check out a sample? Click below to make your request.

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Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem

As experienced videographers, we embarked on our event livestreaming journey in 2014, long before the COVID era and the Zoom phenomenon. Our primary goal was to capture the essence of both family and corporate gatherings, sharing these moments digitally with those who couldn’t be physically present.

Hailing from Israel, our expertise extends across a diverse range of events and celebrations, including Jerusalem weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, brit milahs, and corporate functions. We fearlessly tackle even the most challenging venues in Jerusalem, including the Old City, Yemin Moshe, Talpiyot, Rehavya, and more! What truly distinguishes us is our unwavering dedication to providing a flawless live broadcast experience. Equipped with our own high-speed internet connection, we ensure uninterrupted transmission, while our skilled technical team meticulously oversees the feed to maintain unparalleled quality throughout.

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