How to Watch Jerusalem on a Live Feed

Wondering how you can watch a live feed of Jerusalem with a remote camera far away? Well now you can! Jerusalem is an incredibly historic place to look at – perfect through the lens of a live Jerusalem webcam online!!

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If you’re looking for a Jerusalem live cam to see a livestream feed of Jerusalem, we got you covered. Below is a list of websites offering live webcam views of Jerusalem, (focusing on the Western Wall) and now you can watch Jerusalem on a live feed for 24 hours a day!


5 Amazing Live Camera Feeds to Watch Jerusalem

Below are 5 of the best live camera feeds to easily watch Jerusalem all day long:

EarthCam – Western Wall Live Cam

    • Site: EarthCam is a classic Jerusalem live camera feed, with a high-quality live stream of the Western Wall, one of the most significant religious sites in Jerusalem. The camera provides a clear view of the Western Wall Plaza, capturing the daily activities and special events.
    • Details: The stream is in real-time, accessible 24/7, and offers high-definition video quality. It provides an immersive experience, allowing viewers to feel connected to the historical and spiritual vibes of Jerusalem!
    • Location: Western Wall Cam on EarthCam


SkylineWebcams – Western Wall

    • Site: This site features a live camera feed from the Western Wall, giving viewers a direct look at the holy site and its surroundings. It’s known for its reliable streaming quality and comprehensive view.
    • Details: Provides a real-time view with the option to rate the stream, and offers additional time-lapse features and weather updates. The site is user-friendly and supports multiple languages.
    • Location: Western Wall on SkylineWebcams (SkylineWebcams)鈥. – Western Wall Live Camera

    • Site: provides a live stream of the Western Wall, managed by the Aish HaTorah organization. This stream not only focuses on the Western Wall but also includes views of the surrounding areas.
    • Details: Offers additional content related to Jewish traditions, prayers, and educational resources. The live stream is part of a broader set of religious and cultural offerings on the site!
    • Location: Western Wall Live Camera on Aish ( Also a great place for Jerusalem wedding venues.

Western Wall Heritage Foundation

    • Site: This site provides multiple live camera views of the Western Wall and surrounding areas, maintained by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. It aims to offer an authentic experience of visiting the site virtually.
    • Details: Multiple camera angles, including the prayer plaza and Wilson’s Arch. The site often includes special broadcasts during significant religious events and holidays.
    • Location: Live Cameras at Western Wall on (The Western Wall)鈥.

YouTube Live – Western Wall

    • Site: YouTube hosts various live streams of the Western Wall, including both official streams and user-uploaded content. This platform provides a versatile viewing option, allowing for easy access and sharing.
    • Details: High accessibility, easy to share and comment on, often features live chat during broadcasts, and can be viewed on multiple devices.
    • Location: Western Wall Live on YouTube (YouTube)鈥.

And here is an old feed of Skyline Webcams with 4 hours of footage from their Jerusalem live cam:

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