FAQ for Livestreaming Simchas

Livestreaming a simcha or event, including weddings, bar/bat Mitzvahs, and corporate events is a new experience for many. And of course, there will be many legitimate questions which we hope to answer. Below are the most common questions and answers that we get for livestreaming services in Israel:

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Common Q&A for livestreaming events in Israel:

  1. How can someone attend an event in Israel if they don’t want to travel to Israel?
    • Livestream Simcha offers more than just a Zoom link – we are professional videographers who capture every moment and bring the simcha to the viewers at home who could not travel to Israel.
  2. How do you provide your Internet? Do you need the Wi-Fi at the venue? is your Internet strong enough at that location?
    • We provide our own internet signal so that we do not need to rely on spotty WiFi from local venues. We have backup mobile signals as well, ensuring a complete and safe ongoing internet connection so that not a moment is missed in your simcha livestream. Before each and every event, we check the cell towers in the area. We read the local maps and make sure that the venue will have enough cellular coverage to successfully live stream the event from start to finish.
  3. What kind of camera gear do you use for livestreaming events? Will the batteries last?
    • We are currently using a Canon xf 405 on a shoulder mount, but we are in the process of upgrading to a Sony a series camera on a gimbal. Getting the right gear to work with the gimbal is difficult. The first and foremost feature it needs in difficulty to find the right equipment, which is the need for the battery to last continuously for at least five hours for those long events. The gimbal will increase the stabilization of the camera tenfold, and will allow me to put the weight of the camera, which is the same weight as the canon camera, on a mono pod instead of my right shoulder
  4. What kind of prep do you do before a livestream?
    • Before each event, I arrive at the venue with enough time to, in real time, test the signal at the venue.
  5. Can you watch and download the livestream event top watch afterwards?
    • Yes. The live stream is immediately available to watch again following the broadcast. And a download link is available upon request.
  6. What about privacy? Who can view the event?
    • Whoever they send a link to could watch it. So if you don’t have a link, you can’t view it.
  7. When do the livestream links start working? Can we watch a livestream before the event starts?
    • Of course! We always start the live stream a few minutes before the start time. This is for two reasons: If we were to click the go live button on time, then the viewers would probably only start the livestream a minute or two afterwards which will cause missed watch time – we want viewers to experience every minute. The second reason is, we don’t want people to be worried about the live streaming working. It’s comforting to see the live streaming start early.
  8. Do you experience livestream delays?
    • Delay enables a high redundancy. So in simple terms, if some of the video gets corrupted on its the way to the cloud, the camera can resend the uncorrupted data again to the cloud before it gets to the viewer, and therefore making a very smooth viewing experience.

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