Live Stream Simcha by Akiva Tepperman  


How Does
Live Streaming Work?

Can't come to your family's simcha in Israel? Live Stream Simcha can take you there virtually.  You can enjoy the entire simcha at the comfort of you own home.  Enjoy seeing your nieces, nephews, cousins, and children dancing among their friends and family. 
Sending a video feed to your friends and family outside Israel is done by using a video camera that sends the simcha over the internet worldwide. Your friends and family can watch the simcha from their internet connected PC, smartphone or tablet.

Instead of watching the simcha on a PC, connect that PC or laptop to a projector or large television. The whole house hold will enjoy the simcha live together.

On the day of your simcha go to the right hand side of our Home page. There you will see upcoming live events. click on you simcha and enjoy the simcha from beginning
 to end. 

You can watch it live or rewind to see a favorite 
part and then go back to the live feed. 

Live Stream Events by Akiva Tepperman
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