How much does the average wedding cost in Israel?

This is a very common question for non Israelis who are considering getting married in Israel. The average cost of a wedding in Israel can vary widely depending on several factors:

wedding cost in israel

The venue is the single biggest cost, and prices can range significantly based on the day of the week, season, number of guests, and the couple’s negotiation skills.

Average starting costs for Israel Weddings

A good starting point for the price-per-meal at a venue is 200-400 shekels. (Source)

Other major costs include the bar (20-35 shekels per guest) sound and lighting (4,000-8,000 shekels), waiters (180-250 shekels per waiter), and decor/design (2,000-10,000 shekels)

Additional costs for Israel Weddings

  • A wedding with 220 guests had a total cost around $16,000 (60,000 shekels). (Source)
  • A wedding with 100 guests had a similar total cost, showing that smaller weddings in Israel don’t necessarily cost significantly less.
  • A wedding with 315 guests had a lower price-per-guest due to the larger scale.
  • Additional costs may include:

So to summarize, the average cost of an Israeli wedding can range anywhere from around 200,000-600,000 shekels (roughly $50,000-$150,000 USD), depending on the specific details.

Estimations for Israel Weddings Costs

However, according to Dun & Bradstreet, an average wedding costs between NIS 100,000 and NIS 140,000, with just the event hall costing an average of NIS 85,000. Newlywed couples actually manage to mostly cover the expense, generally between 70% and 80% with the checks and cash they receive from the guests.


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